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NDE was established in 1995 and was commenced with an awareness that consumers' needs are diverse. We began with an office in New Delhi (India) and have gradually grown with defined objectives and plans to occupy the spearhead position in the field of supplying the most fitting manpower to the clients worldwide. We have associate offices in all over India & Nepal.  

NDE has completed twenty-two years of exemplary services in providing clients around the globe with the desirable manpower. The team at NDE is a team of well acquainted and experienced staffs who are capable of handling assignments of any magnitude. Our office Engineers/Supervisors conduct tests and interviews to ensure that the candidates chosen are the most suited as per the client requirements. An extensive training is provided to our short-listed candidates and we assure that the training given is up to date and as per the standards of Gulf Countries. We have our own Skill training & testing Center in New Delhi which is recognized by the Government of India.

We also have associate Trade Test Centers in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai (Maharashtra), Jalandhar and Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Jaipur and Sikar (Rajasthan), Siwan and Patna (Bihar), Chennai and Madurai (Tamil Nadu) and Hyderabad and Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) and in Kathmandu, Nepalgunj (Nepal).


Our Values

Accountability, integrity and commitment to community are the core values of NDE. Meeting the deadlines in fulfilling our commitments made to our clients and delivering quality and reliable manpower are the foundation values of NDE.

People are the source of our company's strength and satisfying them is our prior responsibility. This is the reason why today NDE has become a brand and a name that is synonymous to trust and security. 


Our Vision

NDE was conceived with the thought of building a bridge between the clients working overseas & in need of manpower and the job seekers looking out for work opportunities in other countries. We were to aid the clients receive the most suitable and efficient workforce for their projects; and the candidates seeking jobs in foreign countries find the best placements with the least botheration of the visa process. Meeting the expectations of the employers and the employees and maintaining dignity of work for all have been and will be the core principles of the company.


Our Visionionary

A company is the nestling of someone's vision that takes birth in one's dreams and shapes up into reality after a long journey of dedicated hard work and disciplined routine. NDE is an exemplary specimen of the same.

Mr. Nawal Kishore Khosla, company's visionary and President, unconditionally put himself out to see that his dream became a real life success story and made everyone around him believe that one's perseverance is the key to one's success. In the last twenty-two years, he has turned every stone to pave way for the company to becoming the most trusted brand name in the field of manpower consultancy. Today, customers place confidence in NDE as their Global Recruitment Partners.He is the man whose poise and prudence has gifted the company its integrity and ultimately an acceptability and respect all across the globe as manpower consultants. His farsightedness has brought the company a long way and it will remain a source of the company's inspiration and guidance.


Our Future Plans

One's history is a sign of things to come. It reflects one's foundation and thus indicates what the future will be like.

NDE has successfully delivered manpower in a number of international projects in the past and we plan on adding many more to our list. With our new offices coming up soon in countries like Australia, Germany and Saudi Arabia, we are sure to go further and get hold of the markets in these countries and around them. This will amplify our services manifold and allow us to help more businesses to flourish and get taller.






















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